Trainer - Michael Clark

MICHAEL CLARK known as “Mikey” to all has been an integral part of Stachowski Farm for nearly two decades. From catch-riding anything he could as a youth exhibitor to being a seasoned adult trainer both on his own and with Stachowski Farm, Mikey has always possessed an inherent bond with the horses in his care. Whether it’s the young horses that he is starting or the amateurs that he is guiding, Mikey is best known around the Farm and among the Clients for his enduring patience in his work. It is this quiet, patient manner that has instilled competence and confidence in both the horses he trains and the amateurs that he instructs.

Mikey pivots seamlessly between the Farm’s breeding operation and its Arabian and Saddlebred divisions. He also possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of bloodlines and heritage so if you want to talk pedigrees, this is the guy to talk to.

Mikey trains at our Ohio Training Facility.